Youth Food/Cooking id Contest
All participants will be judged as individuals--open to junior and senior individuals.
Pre-Registration is required--NO EXCEPTIONS!
Questions email: Tristian at
1. Registration numbers will be assigned to everyone who participates.
2. Must have ‘junior’ or ‘senior’ participants listed on separate registrations.
3. Bring your completed registration forms to check in on the day of the contest.
4. Bring your own supplies (pencils, clipboard, etc.)
Contestants will have to correctly ID 50 food/cooking related items on a provided list.
Categories include:
1. Appliances
2. Cookware
3. Tableware
4. Utensils
5. Herbs and Spices
6. Other food related items
In the event of a tie, the contestant with the highest score in the herbs and spices category will receive the higher placing.