1. All articles or animals competing must be entered in the name of the grower, maker, or owner.
  2. An exhibitor must reside within a Crawford County School District, or have a child enrolled in a Crawford County School or a Crawford County 4-H Program. State law restricts exhibitors from receiving premium money in more than one county fair.
  3. Youth (5 years old to fall semester following high school graduation) exhibitors are not allowed to show as a youth at this fair beyond fall semester following high school graduation.
    a.  Entries may not be shown in both youth or open
  4. The CCFA reserves the right to reject or accept conditionally any exhibit either before or after
    entry is made.
  5. All entries taken into the fair grounds and buildings are kept entirely at the risk of the owner. A night and day watchman will be on duty.
  6. The CCFA will not be responsible for any exhibits remaining at the fair grounds.
  7. Check-out time for exhibits is listed in schedule of events. If exhibit is removed early, the exhibitor will forfeit fair premium checks and will be excluded from showing in the following year. All exhibits must be checked out with superintendent of department.
  8. Exhibitors will not be allowed to take any exhibits from the building during or after the close of the fair without first presenting their property check to the superintendent or their assistant, entitling them to exhibits.
  9. No premium will be awarded when an exhibit is unworthy, even though there is no competition.
  10. Entries or exhibits shall conform to the special rules for the particular department in which it is entered.
  11. Decisions of the judges shall be final.
  12. All questions in disputes or differences not covered by these rules will be referred to the fair chairman whose decision shall be final.
  13. All livestock must have been owned by exhibitor by July 1 of current year.
  14. Livestock entered in the Youth Division cannot be entered in the Open Class.
  15. All market animal nominations for the JLA are due by July 4th. The online entry is as follows: or mail to PO Box 1525, Alma AR, 72921.
    a. JLA nominations will be open online from June 15th to July 4th (postmarked by July 3rd) 
    b. All other online entries will be open from August 1st to August 15th.
    c. Each exhibitor must have his/her own individual online account
  16. The CCFA will not furnish feed or care for the livestock.
  17. Entry fees will be charged - listed by department.
  18. Judging times will be posted in barns or see supt. of department.
  19. Pens and coops for livestock will be furnished.
  20. No transportation charges will be paid by the CCFA.
  21. The management reserves the right at all times to have a concessionaire or exhibitor remove objectionable display, etc.
  22. All stalls and pens must be cleaned daily by 5pm. All bedding must be removed before check-out on Saturday night.
  23. All breeding livestock entered must have registration papers. If no papers, animal will be shown as commercial breeding stock.
  24. An exhibitor may nominate up to 4 animals per species for the JLA. However, an exhibitor may only bring up to 2 animals of a species to the fairgrounds. (Except rabbits and broilers).
  25. Premiums are limited to (2) entries per exhibitor per class and (1) per group class.
  26. Livestock supt. may order livestock removed from the fairgrounds and ineligible to participate in any shows or sales based upon a visual inspection revealing concerns about the livestock welfare or well being. Such decision shall be in the supt’s sole discretion. Final appeal shall be reviewed by Livestock Supt, Fair Mgr, and JLA Chairs.
  27. No out-of-county individuals will be allowed to show animals for county exhibitors.
  28. NO DOGS allowed on property except for service animals.
  29. Chicken and rabbit entries will be accessed a $1 fee. All other animal entries (goats, sheep, hogs, and cattle) will be accessed a $5 per head charge for entry/nomination. All fees are due when nominations are done online or by mail. Please make check payable to: Crawford County Fair. You must bring a self addressed stamped envelope to livestock check-in.
  30. Youth Herdsman award(s) may be presented in each livestock department based on the
    following criteria: attitude, conduct, sportsmanship, housekeeping, grooming, and public
    relations. 1st $20, 2nd $15, and 3rd $10
  31. Livestock pens will be assigned by superintendent.
  32. Bedding will be provided for pens.