Round Robin Showmanship Contest
Friday, Sept. 17, 2021
Superintendent: Heather Stacy 479-228-8269
SHOWTIME: 5:30pm Location: Main Show Ring
AWARDS: Buckles will be awarded for First Place in both age divisions Ribbons will be awarded for 2nd - 5th place
AGE DIVISIONS: Junior (Ages 9-13) Senior (Ages 14-19)
Contestants will be ranked against other exhibitors in their age division. Tie
breakers are decided with the most number of 1st’s, 2nd’s, etc. If a tie still exists, then the tie will be broken by the best score in knowledge.
Sheep - Cattle - Dairy Goat - Swine - Meat Goat - Attire & Knowledge
1. If the first place individual is unable to attend - second place winner will step in as the department/division representative.
2. Exhibitor is expected to wear appropriate attire. No shorts/no t-shirts.
3. If participant wins the showmanship division in more than one dept., that individual must declare which dept. they will represent.
4. Regarding #3 - Participant must notify the supt. of dept. that he/she will
not be representing. Second place winner will be substituted.
5. Animal may be substituted only at discretion of the Round Robin Superintendent.
6. Contestants will be questioned at the discretion of the judge.
7. Junior contestants are responsible for finding animals for contest. If the contestant is not able to find an animal for contest, contact the Supt. to assist in the task.
8. No coaching from audience - this can result in point deduction or disqualification of contestant.Round Robin Showmanship Contest