1. Inside or outside - 10x10 space is $60. Electrical outlets are provided.
    Multiple extension cords and outlets will be the responsibility of the exhibitor. Extension cords must be 10 or 12 guage and must be kept to the minimal length necessary to reach booth. It is suggested that cords be secured with tape to floor
  2. Tables and display equipment must be furnished by vendor.
  3. Booth must be reserved and paid for in full no later than August 16th. After this date, spaces will be $70.
  4. Organizations participating in a donation drawing must have a booth space.
  5. No obscene, lewd, or sexually explicit displays will be allowed.
  6. No smoking or vaporing allowed inside commercial building.
  7. Supt. decisions are final when questions arise about the appropriateness of a booth.
  8. All tables must be skirted or covered.
  9. Booths may set up on Sunday from 12:00pm-6:00pm or Monday 1:00pm-6:00pm and be operational by 4:00pm on Tuesday.
  10. Vendor is responsible for keeping their area clean.
  11. Vendors are not allowed to solicit outside of booth or on fairgrounds.
  12. Each vendor will be given 2 gate armbands for the week. Additional bands may be purchased
    at the gate.
  13. Only one (1) booth of a type will be allowed. Example: Avon, Scentsy, Plunder