Bench Building
1. Open to all 4-H and FFA chapters in Crawford County. Multiplle entries will a club/chapter will be accepted if built by different members.
2. Benches may be built from any material or combination of materials and should be large enough to seat two adults comfort- ably.
3. Benches must be decorated so that they may easily be identi- fied as to which chapter/club and members they were built by. The year they were built must also be displayed on the bench.
4. Benches must be able to be placed on grass or soft dirt and not sink.
5. Benches must be able to withstand the weather as benches will remain on the fairgrounds for us in future years.
6. Entries must be on the fairgrounds by Friday, September 10, 2021, as they will be placed for use during the fair. Benches may be dropped off earlier; all deliveries must be coordinated through Jared Williams by calling/texting479-414-1074
7. There will be a peoples choice booth setup nightly during the fair. Each participating club/chapter will be responsible for manning the booth a minimum of once during the fair (must include one adult representative.) A laminated picture of each entry is recommended for display at the People’s Choice Booth. Jared Williams will coordinate the scheduling of the booth.
8. Money collected from the People’s Choice Booth will be awared at 50% to the Grand Champion Bench, 25% to the Reserve Champion Bench, and 25% to the fairground improvement and maintenance fund.