Pageants | Talent Show

Talent Show will be held during the pageants on Saturday night.  Starting at 7pm

Schedule of Events

Tuesday, September 12th

Thursday, September 14th

Saturday, September 16th

7pm - Tiny Tot,  Wee Princess, & Tiny Princess

7pm - Junior Princess, Little Miss, & Junior Miss

7pm - Talent Show [We will be working Talent Show Contestants during Pageant] 7pm - Princess    |    8:30pm - Teen & Queen

Sign Up Day & Rehearsal - Sept 2nd 10am-12pm All Divisions

Entry form must be received by September 2nd if mailing


Tiny Tot: Ages 0-11 months [dress only]

Wee Princess: Ages 1-2 [dress only]  

Tiny Princes: Ages 3-4 [dress only] 

Princess: Ages 5-6 [dress & casual]
Jr Princess: Ages 7-8 [dress & casual]
Little Miss: Ages 9-10 [dress & casual] 

Jr Miss: Ages 11-12 [dress & casual]
Teen: Ages 13-15 [interview, sportswear, dress]
Miss: Ages 16-21 [interview, swimwear, dress]

*Teen & Miss divisions - personal interview of 5 min. with judges - times will be given at later date. 

Teen Sportswear - represent your favorite sport & be creative with it!  

Miss Swimwear - One piece only! Must be stage presentable